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Iceni Project

Eastfield was built in 1934-35 and comprised part of the original ‘Hundred Houses’ that were built on the north side of Scotland Road, Cambridge.

Many of the properties within the sites have come to the end of their useful life and require significant upgrading to meet current standards in terms of insulation and heat loss, which due to the construction of the houses, would be difficult and costly to achieve.

The potential for a scheme at Eastfield started in 2008 with the Master Planning exercise carried out by Hundred Houses. This identified the potential for redevelopment of Nr’s 45-60, and 66-75 Eastfield.

Following detailed discussions it was agreed that Iceni would look at the redevelopment which comprises of 28 units in Phase 1. Iceni received a grant allocation of £485,714 from the Homes and Communities Agency.

The accommodation that is currently being demolished is 16 No. 2 and 3 bed, semi-detached houses and will be replaced by 28 new dwellings (comprising houses, flats and bungalows).

The scheme comprises of 8 No. Shared ownership units - 6 No. 2 bed house (79.00m2), 2 No. 3 bed houses (93.00m2), and 20 No. Affordable rented units – 9 No. 2 bed house, 5 No. 3 bed house, 3 No. 2 bed bungalow, and 3 No. 1 bed flats.

The accommodation that would be demolished (26 No. 2 and 3 bed, semi-detached houses) would be replaced by a total of 50 new dwellings. The scheme is due for completion in February/March 2017.

Key facts:

  • Project Value: £4,565,539
  • Start on site: October 2016
  • Anticipated Completion: November 2017
  • Architect: The Design Partnership
  • Contractor: Lovells
  • Employers Agent: McCreith Construction Consultants
  • Tenure: Mixture of Affordable Rent and Shared Ownership
  • Housing Association: Hundred Houses Society