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Historic garrison buildings transformed into quality housing

Once part of Colchester’s historic garrison, this property was acquired by Colne from Annington Homes in June 2009. The building contract was let to Lovell in October of that year.

As well as being extensively refurbished, the 82 former-MOD properties were further upgraded with new porches.

New pocket park and path upgrades

Staged handovers took place from May 2011 through to November 2011. Residents would benefit from the incorporation of a new pocket park as well as an upgrade to the scheme’s woodland path.

61 additional properties

In order to accommodate 61 high quality additional properties into the development – including three disabled bungalows – some existing buildings were removed.

Properties in the scheme, which was completed in January 2012, boast state-of-the-art energy-efficient solar PV panels.

Phase 1

Phase 2