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Efficient, On-Budget Delivery.

Iceni Homes has vast experience as a project delivery company – successfully bringing together many different aspects of a home-building project.

We work with these associations to identify sites for new homes, secure funding for their construction and source experienced contractors to carry out the necessary work.

We have successfully delivered a wide range of house-building projects across the UK, from affordable homes for rural communities to flats and houses in urban areas.

Iceni Homes delivers comprehensive home-building solutions to organisations of all types within the UK housing industry.

Delivering exceptional projects comes naturally to the team at Iceni Homes

Our Approach

Our approach is built on a foundation of experience, professionalism and a systematic project delivery approach

  • Team of in-house professional Project Managers
  • Precision planning at project start to deliver seamless delivery 
  • A proactive, fluid rapidity responding to client needs
  • Proven and tested management systems
  • Focus on quality delivery every time

Continuous Evolution 

For the last ten years we have harnessed our unique approach to deliver successful projects that genuinely improve local residents’ quality of life – and help communities grow.

Iceni Homes develops a wide range of types and tenure. These include rural housing, supported housing, regeneration projects, Section 106 schemes, shared ownership, shared equity, housing for market rent and sale, intermediate rent, key worker accommodation and conversion of existing dwellings and refurbishments.

Iceni Homes have a natural ability to deliver developments to meet extensive and diverse needs

Meeting every client’s needs

Here at Iceni Homes, we have vast experience in creating solutions that can meet every clients needs. We’re proud of our approach and results.

  • Continuous development of our services to deliver a full service development solution
  • Affordable tenures
  • Design guides for every project
  • Shared ownership and open market solutions available
  • Experience of working with communities, tenants and co-housing groups
  • A totally flexible and tailorable offer, from one-off site development through to long term development management service

Multiple Stakeholders, A Single Vision

For over ten years, Iceni Homes has project managed with multiple stakeholders on a range of diverse projects. our team have first hand experience of working directly in partnership with contractors, consultants, local authorities and government representatives at all levels.

Iceni Homes has vast experience on finding and working with experienced and skilled contractors for home building projects. Acting as a main contractor, we work closely with all the companies that provide necessary construction services, ensuring good communication throughout a project.

This hands-on approach is fundamental in making sure that a project is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Creating and building great partnerships.

Tailored Solutions

Having a full service, tailored solution is a unique part of our offer here at Iceni Homes.

  • A totally flexible and tailorable offer
  • A partnership approach to client relationships
  • An in-house team that can be adapted to bring the right skillset to all projects
  • Services include site finding, design, planning, appraising, building, sales and after sales management